I discovered last night it’s not easy to communicate outside in the dark amid three thousand people taking communion. Tangled whispers with my husband resulted in both of us getting communion for my eighty-six year old mother. Only he beat me back to the seat.

For a moment, I stood there, cup and cracker in both hands, wondering what to do. Mom had her portion, and everyone else around us did as well. I couldn’t very well return to the table. It would cause too much disruption for others. Then it hit me… I had been given a double portion of grace.

I sat down and stared at my hands ladened with the reminder of God’s provision through Christ. Both hands were filled. There wasn’t one holding on to the Spirit and one holding on to the world, both were covered with evidence of His rich love. Verses ran through my mind, “My grace is sufficient for you.” (2 Corinthians 12:9) “Where sin increased – grace abounds.” (Romans 5:20) and I started to weep.

How tender God’s love is for us! How it never fails! He doesn’t give us a tiny drop to smear over an ocean of sin. He floods us with the grace of Christ, changing the salt lakes of our hearts to rivers of life. Never does He regret making the sacrifice for us, but is glorified eternally because He loves us consistently. And every time we ask for His mercy, He gives. And gives. And gives.

Do we go through trials? Does anyone need to ask? Do we suffer for our choices? Deeply. But even through trial and consequences the truth prevails –  Jesus saves completely those who trust in Him because He lives to intercede for us. (Hebrews 7:5)

This is your year for extra Easter. Take and drink His love.


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