The paranormal/romance that started it all….

Reign Phillips has just earned her PhD in ancient languages when her Professor returns from Greece with treasure for the University of New Mexico; fifty-six mummified remains and a puzzling sealed gold casket that doesn’t seem to fit any time period.

Accompanying him is the man responsible for brokering the deal with the university, Damon Sarantos. Unknown to anyone, Damon himself had buried the casket almost two thousand years before.

A little more or less than human, Damon Sarantos avoids people, not wanting to strengthen their evil desires with his presence. But Reign is a woman he wants close. As she decodes the mysterious writing on an ancient casket, Damon must work to gain her trust and win her heart. Can he be the man she wants him to be? Or will they be eternally separated by his partly demonic nature?

The casket holds the answer, but opening it will bring peace… or a darkness that will engulf the world.



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This book is such a great book! Anyone who loved Twilight will love this book too! It is filled with action right from the beginning, and full of romance. I love how the author uniquely weaves the past and present together. I have never read a book like this before where you get two love stories in one. I could not put it down and I plan on reading it again. I am really looking forward to the next book!  Melissa K.

“I absolutely loved this book!! Sarah has such talent. Tamed keeps the readers attention from cover to cover. The characters were easy to relate to, and the story line was filled with the right amount of suspense and action. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for the next book :)”  Heather Watkins

“This is a must read, Sarah grips you from the very start! We have read many novels out loud to each other and TAMED ranks up there with the best! We laughed out loud, and then were equally moved to tears. The story is believable, the characters and interactions real – the good, bad and the ugly, So we are definitely missing them from the very moment we finished the book. “The back story is simply precious!” Well researched, thought out and written. Sarah has hit a home run with her first swing. We can’t wait for her next at bat! We give TAMED a standing ovation!”
Walt & Dona Gilbert, AZ

“I really enjoyed Sarah’s debut book! I found it difficult to put down. The story draws you in from the beginning and the characters are easy to indentify with. I was impressed with her knowledge of historical events time period facts. She’s beautifully woven a story set in present day with a story from the past. She’s great at describing events, suroundings, and emotions in a way that pulls you right in. It’s a wonderful mix of historical fiction, modern fiction, action, fear, suspense, and romance. A great read for either male or female audiences.” Christine Redding

“I absolutely devoured this book since I could not put it down! I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who wants a good book. My problem now is waiting for the next one. Sarah magically weaves two intriging tales into one without confusion, keeping you interested in both at the same time. This book is well researched and well written. I will be telling everyone about it!” Julie Jackson, Tx.

“I loved this book! The story was incredible. Such an imaginative creation. It reminded me somewhat of the Twilight series, and The Mark of the Lion series. I loved the history in it. I’m a big Roman/Greek history buff myself, so this book was right up my ally! The faith for God shown in this book is inspiring! Can not wait to read the next book!”

“For years I have held Christian fiction at arms length afraid of being preached at or being given weak stereotypes of both Christians and unbelievers. Tamed, however, only asked me to suspend my disbelief when I was faced with things that were truly fictional.
Her Christian characters are still human, and still demonstrate the realities of Christian faith in difficult circumstances. And her villains, well, they are truly villainous. In a world where black and white are frequently disguised in muted greys, Sarah gives us good and evil, and shows how each character became which through choices they made.
Tamed was a fantastic escape and I can’t wait for the sequel!” J. Wells

“I may not get paid for my opinion, but I will give it free.. The Book “Tamed” and “Annoited” by Sarah Witenhafer are beyond words of explaination.. I laughed, cried, cheered and jeered. I felt as if I was right there experiencing the stories. Well thought out, nice to read something that does not have dirty filth. These books kept me on the edge of my seat. Sarah you are truly talented. I hope that somewhere down the road these could be made into a movie. I will be the first one in line on release day….. ALSO WOULD LOVE FOR YOU TO WRITE YOUR AUTO BIOGRAPHY…. again wonderful job I loved every word” Tammy D., Tx.

“I highly recommend this book to anyone. I mean that. “Tamed” by Sarah Witenhafer is a great book for lovers of action, adventure, romance, mystery, history, mythology, religion, fact, fiction, sience-fiction and FUN! It is all these things and more. Sarah has created two incredibly fun characters in Reign and Damon, one a child of light and the other filled with darkness. Their love story, central to the plot, is told with passion, tenderness and a sense of humor that really makes you care about both of them. Set this against an exciting adventure that brings ancient Rome into our present, and you’ve got a true original here. Sarah is a marvelous writer who takes us on a rollercoaster ride with “Tamed.” A GREAT read…I look forward to the sequel!” David Witherington

“Tamed” is a book that deserves to be read. It has so many of the elements that comprise the proverbial “Can’t put this book down!” story: action, romance, adventure, inspiration. All of these elements are tied together in epic style with characters that are so believable–they seem like people you have already met! The real problem with Tamed is that it’s probably one of the best books you’ve read that nobody else has heard about. Everyone who I have given this book to has loved the story. It certainly deserves a wider hearing, and with the rumor of a sequel to the story buzzing around, the result will hopefully be an increase in the following of this very worthy novel.”  James, Joppa – Israel

“I have just finished reading “Anointed” by Sarah Witenhafer, which is the sequel to the first book in the series “Tamed”. The pace in both works is fast and furious and I have felt at times immersed in the sinister and foreboding atmosphe…re of the plot and at others bathed in the love of the two main characters. Vivid imagination blends here in an inspired way with historical fact. The past and present sometimes collide and at other times fuse utterly seamlessly. I encourage others to venture into Sarah’s thrilling and romantic world, where inspired imagination meets historical fact and where the Dark threatens continually to extinguish the Light and never succeeds. I feel exhausted and elated by my experiences, for such are Sarah’s skills as an author, that I am left with the impression of having lived through all the hideous destruction in battles, but also have been nurtured by the love and unshakeable faith which are to be found nestling within the pages. I await with utter frustration, the third book in the series. ” Lynn, UK